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We Offer Long-Term Accommodation In Mildura In A Budget-Friendly Way

Are you planning a short trip to Mildura, Victoria? Or do you want to have a long vacation in various regions in Australia? In that case, you should look for a Long-Term Accommodation in Mildura where you can stay comfortably.Well, the Paddle Boat Coonawarra is the right place to enjoy a long-term stay in this town which is located at the bank of Murray River. We understand that living in a modern city and experiencing a routine busy life is something can make anybody feel stressed. Hence, they need vacations in such places where they can stay close to nature; without any disturbance and chaos.Fortunately, the Paddle Boat Coonawarra can offer you the right kind of accommodation you wish to have while staying away from your home and enjoying the beauty of Australia.

Enjoy Superior Quality Accommodation In Mildura

If you think that avoiding a stay in a luxury hotel can get you in trouble because you may have to compromise with the matter of comfort and safety then you have a misconception. Our floating accommodation is considered as one of the best motels in Mildura where guests can enjoy their long vacations with their family and friends. This kind of accommodation is for those who love to try new and unconventional things while travelling and exploring new places. All the rooms of the Paddle Boat Coonawarra are well-furnished and well-maintained for the guests. You can get fine quality linen there. The rooms have reverse cycling cooling and heating system so that you can feel comfortable and relaxed all the time inside the rooms; irrespective of the outside temperature.


Why Select Our Motel Accommodation In Mildura

It is true that there are plenty of motels and other accommodations available in Mildura, but not all of them are as good as you expect them to be. Hence, you need something special.

  • This is a well-presented paddleboat on Murray River which can offer you a fabulous experience of staying in a floating motel.
  • The room rents are highly affordable for all types of guests.
  • You can book high-class rooms with queen beds or budget rooms with twin beds.
  • Enjoy complimentary continental breakfast with every room you book.
  • This floating motel is easily accessible by the tourists.
  • Free car parking makes it a perfect place to stay for families with kids.

Happy Staying – Enjoy Nature

Staying in a floating accommodation on Murray River is surely one-of-its-kind experience for anybody at any time. Enjoying the river flowing just outside your windows is something you would not like to miss while having a trip to Mildura, Victoria.